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Nowerdays our pet´s life is different from about 50 or 60 years ago. Back then there was no industrial dry food or canned food on the market. The digestive system of our dogs and cats hasn´t changed since then. A dog is still a 98% wolf.
The partially bad quality or composition of compound feeds leads to allergies or other difficulties in our animal´s health. A lot of dogs suffer from hair loss, diarrhea, hot-spots and environmental allergies. Cats which are fed with dry food often get problems with their kidneys or suffer from bladder stone. In case of diseases, dry food can make conditions rather worse than better. These problems and food-intolerance can be cured easily with well composed feeds. It´s quite easy and can be done very quickly.If you´re interested, we´d be happy to advise you and provide an individual feeding-plan for your cat or dog.


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